COVID-19 UPDATE for our Grief Support Services

For many of us, our pets are family.   This means that the feelings and love are comparable to or even stronger than our human relationships!   Because of that deep heart connection, when our pet dies, we can feel the same emotions that come with the death of any loved one.   Feelings such as sadness, loss, confusion, anger and complete upset of life are normal grief responses.   Some people understand the impact of losing a pet … and some people may minimize our loss.

In more normal times, everyone can gather together to remember and support each other. Unfortunately during this time we cannot meet in person but we want you to know that “Grieving Paws” is still available to you, via telephone and email.

We at Hansen understand that people often need some extra encouragement. It is helpful to have someone who listens, validates and supports you through the day-to-day feelings, dynamics and experiences that often come with grief.

“Being heard is the first step in healing.”

Hansen Mortuary offers the services of Dr. Sandi Howlett, our Grief Specialist, to listen and discuss the roller coaster of feelings you may be having.

Dr. Sandi has over 15 years of experience in grief education and support. She has worked with bereaved parents, spouses, grandparents, siblings and friends. Her experience is there to help you navigate this journey of the heart. She provides insights as well as suggestions for resources and assignments which may be helpful when working through the challenges that come after the death of a beloved pet.

Dr. Sandi may be contacted at 480.502.2123 or [email protected].

Hansen Mortuary is pleased to offer this free grief support as a service to the greater Phoenix community.