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Memorializing a Loved One

When you lose a loved one, something that can help you begin the healing process is to find a way of honoring them and their memory. This is not always easy to do, however. If you would like to offer the person some kind of honor, there are some great options to consider. Here are the ones that providers of cremation services in Phoenix, AZ want you to remember.

One option you have is to put together a memory book. This is an inexpensive way of honoring the memory of your loved one. A memory book can include everything from poems that your loved one enjoyed, song lyrics, and even recipes. You can add pictures and things like ticket stubs from movies or concerns that you may have attended with your loved one. There are some companies that can offer to put this kind of memory book together, but you can also do this yourself.

Another option you have is to set up a memorial garden. Choose a place in your yard and plan the kind of plants and ornaments that you would have for your loved one. Choose flowers that they loved or things like windchimes if that is what they would have preferred. If you do not have a yard, you can easily put together a simple terrarium in their honor. Not only will you be offering your loved one the kind of memorial they deserve but you will also be getting the emotional and psychological benefits of working outside.

You can also try to fund a scholarship in the person’s name. If they were passionate about certain interests, like scient, music, or the environment, you can set up a scholarship that gives people a chance to do research or get financial assistance to follow their own passions in the fields. They will be keeping your loved one’s name alive and that can be a huge comfort for everyone grieving.

cremation services in Phoenix, AZ

You can also name a star after them. There are companies that offer this option and that allow you to get a certificate that can tell you which star has your loved one’s name. If the person was interested in space and stars, this can be a lovely way of honoring them.

These are all options you have if you are trying to find a way of honoring your loved one. It is important to consider the various options you have when getting ready to decide. Think about what your loved one would have wanted and what kind of personality they had. This can tell you a lot about what to choose to honor them. You also want to have an idea of the budget you have available, since that can help you narrow options down. If you still have trouble finding the right way of honoring your loved one, it can be a good idea to reach out to a Phoenix, AZ cremation services provider like us. We are here to answer all of the questions you have about this and more. Call us today.