A Word from Dr. Sandi

“Death ends a life but not a relationship” – Morrie Schwartz

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This episode touches on the idea of loneliness. How damaging loneliness can be on our grief journey and how you can overcome it! Please share this video with someone that might be able to use this message to heal. ❤

Happy New Year

Happy New Year from Sandra Howlett and Hansen Mortuaries & Cemetery. In this episode Dr. Sandi gives some advice on resolutions for this new year and your grief journey. Please share this video with someone that might be able to use this message to heal. ❤ We wish you and your families a safe and peaceful 2023.

Jan 1, 2023

Address Book

Connections, connections are very important during your grief journey. Sandra Howlett talks about how our connections change after grief and how to process some of these changes.

Dec 21, 2022


Just like that, the holidays are here. In this special holiday edition with Sandra Howlett, Dr. Sandi goes over options and tools to help during your grief journey during the holidays. Whether this is your first holiday season without your loved one or your 20th the information in this video is timeless.

Nov 23, 2022

Sediment Jar

In this episode, Sandra Howlett shows us just how messy, and hard grief can be. Sometimes time is what is the main ingredient needed when dealing with grief.

Nov 8, 2022


How many times have you been asked during your healing journey, “how do you feel?” Did you know that feelings are fluid? Good and bad feelings are always in motion, meant to be felt and released. Feelings can change from one second to the next. In this episode with Sandra Howlett , she takes a look at just that feelings.

Oct 13, 2022

The Elephant in the Room 

Have you ever heard the saying “the elephant in the room?” In this episode with @Sandra Howlett, she breaks down how real this saying can be when you are on your grieving journey and ways to navigate the situation. ❤

Sep 27, 2022

Story Basket

Stories can mean different things to different people. Stories can be annoying, funny, or sad, and they can bring you back to a different moment in your life. Sometimes, stories can be a way of healing and remembering your loved one who is no longer here physically. Sandra Howlett shares an important message on how you can use stories to heal during your grief journey.

Sep 5, 2022

Grief Grapes

What are grief grapes? Sandra Howlett uses the grief grapes as a metaphor to help navigate the thoughts, emotions, feelings, and memories that flood our minds after a loved one has passed. ❤

Aug 19, 2022

How Long Will This Last?

One of the most common questions Sandra Howlett gets is “How long will this last?” Hopefully this episode will help to give some answers and understanding to this question. Please share or send to someone that might be able to use these resources to heal.

Aug 4, 2022

Gratitude Journal

Sometimes in the process of life, it is easy to only see or feel the hard times and struggles especially while on your healing journey. We hope you enjoy this episode from Sandra Howlett on using a gratitude journal to help remember the good things, even the small things can be mighty.

Jul 29, 2022

Memory Box

There are so many different tools and paths to use when on your journey of healing. Dr. Sandi provides another amazing tool to help support you through with a memory box. We love this concept because it is very customizable and ever changing. You can add to it or revisit the memory box anytime you need to.

Jul 21, 2022


Dr. Sandi Howlett is a Grief Specialist and has worked with Hansen Mortuaries for over 13 years. Our hope is that her messages can be a guiding light along with grief support for those we have served and to those who we have never met! Our hope is that our mission to help the living successfully navigate that crucial time between the event of death and the onset of grief can be spread further than our physical reach. 

Jul 16, 2022

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