Dr. Sandi Howlett

Grief Specialist
Dr Sandi Howlett is a Grief Specialist and has worked with Hansen Mortuaries for 13 years. Her interest in grief work began in childhood with a grandmother who lived across the street from a small town funeral home and regularly took her there as well as made home visits to bereaved families. She has both extensive experience and expertise in loss, grief and healing work. She has been the featured speaker at hospice retreats and celebrations, conducted grief workshops for hospice staff and volunteers, schools, corporations, and private groups as well as extensive 1:1 work. Throughout the year, she facilitates Six Simple Weeks, a grief support group, available to anyone in the community at no charge. She also sees some clients individually and leads the Remembrance Ceremonies. She believes that grief is both natural and intentional….that grief is hard work and that healing is possible. Dr. Sandi holds a Doctorate of Education and Master of Science degree from Virginia Tech University. She has continued her studies in the areas of communication, facilitation, personal growth, grief & loss and spirituality. In 2012, she was awarded the Ray Lindy Award, a New Song Center for Grieving Children recognition for outstanding service as well as the Empty Shoes Award from Parents of Murdered Children. She is also an outstanding storyteller and finds that her stories remind her audiences of their stories – and that stories keep our loved ones close in spirit.

Her video series “A Word from Dr. Sandi” is available here.