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What is a Funeral Celebrant?

Certified Celebrants are trained individuals who will meet with your family to gather stories and listen to the personalized memories of your loved one.

Celebrants will act as a partner with the funeral director to create and design a Life Tribute that fits the person who died and their family.  The services are not only personalized but also individualized.

Celebrants are available to officiate Life Celebrations which can take place any time after passing, from days to weeks to months later. The gatherings/funerals may be presented in parks, gardens, beaches, mountains, boats, homes, funeral home chapels, or gravesite…whatever best meets the needs of the family.

Who Needs a Celebrant?

  • Families who want a unique, personalized service
  • Families who do not have a minister or church affiliation
  • Families who may identify themselves as “Spiritual But Not Religious”
  • Families who want a Life Tribute experience the evening before a liturgical service
  • Families who have an officiant to conduct a service but want help to incorporate personal details into other aspects of the service
  • Families looking for someone to act as a main speaker or officiant
  • Families who may want help in planning a gathering which feels more like a Celebration of Life rather than a traditional service

What does a Celebrant offer your family?

A Celebrant will offer family and even friends an opportunity to gather and find support while sharing memories, anecdotes, and special moments. A Celebrant will work alongside you in creating a service to reflect the personality and life style of your family member.  The eulogy will incorporate your unique stories and experiences that defined your loved one.   This may also include their favorite hobbies, sports team, readings, favorite quotes, travel and passions.

Celebrants will design what best reflects the life of your loved one, weaving your choice of music, photos, readings, personal mementos, or unique ceremonies.

Consult your funeral director for more information.

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