A History of Compassion and Service Options Like Funeral and Cremation in Glendale, AZ

Hansen Mortuaries and Cemeteries is a family-owned and locally operated business offering funeral home and cremation services in Glendale, AZ for the loved one who has passed away and ensuring that each family is served with professionalism and care. Part of the pride that comes with a family-owned business is being part of and serving communities.  For more than a decade, the Hansen family has had this privilege. Together, let us create a beautiful and memorable funeral service to honor the life of those who passed away but leave a great shared memory to be cherished. Our mission is to take the mystery out of what to do when a loved one dies and focus instead on how to be there for you, so you can grieve, grow, heal, and continue to love. If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach us at (602) 944-1561.

Glendale AZ Funeral Home And CremationsIn 1950, the origins of Hansen Mortuaries and Cemeteries took shape and began offering final arrangement service solutions. Since then, our compassionate and caring staff has expanded to serve even more bereaved families with options such as a funeral and cremation in Glendale, AZ, and the surrounding areas. We are proud to be independently owned and operated locally to keep our client’s real-time needs addressed individually.

Death is a reality of life; even though we know it is coming, most of us aren’t too excited to think about it. When someone we love passes away, it could be the most painful thing we could ever imagine. An immediate need after death is caring for the remains honorably. With this need comes a lot of decision-making. That is why choosing a transparent and compassionate professional to work with for your deathcare needs is crucial. They can help you understand the options without adding to your overwhelm.

Customizable Service Options Related to Funeral and Cremation in Glendale, AZ

We are always looking for ways to lighten the load of families facing such a painful time. Every death care option will likely not be needed by each client/family. When you hire a full-service firm like Hansen Mortuaries and Cemeteries, you will benefit from the options offered by your chosen provider instead of needing to coordinate services between multiple providers. Here are just a few of the ways we could help you with your needs related to a funeral and cremation in Glendale, AZ:

Arranging the Transportation Needs of the Deceased: When a death occurs, if not in a medical facility or under direct doctor’s care (such as hospice), the local authorities must be notified. After they have a chance to fulfill their investigation and determine the cause of death, you will be cleared to contact the funerary provider of your choice to come and pick up the body. Suppose the remains need to be transferred over international borders or state lines. In that case, other procedures or permits may be required, and an experienced funerary firm will be able to help you seamlessly bring your loved one home as quickly as possible.

The Basics to Know Before Embalming: Embalming is a process that removes the fluid tissues from the corpse and infuses and washes the cells with a solution of chemicals that act as a preserving and cleansing agent. The embalming procedure is not always possible or prudent. It is not legally required for final disposition. Your funeral home could mandate embalming if you order a public viewing. Again, it is not required for burial. In some areas, you may be able to obtain less toxic embalming processes that use things like dry ice and essential oils to hold the tissues for a short time.

Cremation Benefits: If you are not working towards a viewing or casket burial, cremation is an excellent disposition preparation method. The body will be carefully identified, and permits obtained before the process can begin. This is important since the process cannot be reversed after completion. The body is cleaned and dressed if desired, then laid inside a combustible, hard-sided container. The filled container (also called a cremation casket) is set inside the retort (furnace chamber), where scorching heat will rapidly engulf the contents in flames.

After just an hour or two, the fire will burn out, and only the bone matter will be left. Bone remnants will be texturized for uniformity and indistinguishable consistency. These granules are returned to the family as “cremated remains” or “ashes” that can be scattered, buried, or displayed in an urn at home.

Honor Your Deceased with Customary or Non-Traditional Funeral Services: Funeral services offer a beautiful means to reflect on the life lived and the person being honored. Funerals differ from other honoring ceremonies by having the deceased’s body as a prominent part of the services. Funerals can be designed around traditions and religious or lifestyle preferences. Large or small gatherings can be accommodated in funeral formats. A viewing or visitation with the family is a supportive option to network with mourners to share condolences and memories.

Arrangements That Combine Funeral and Cremation Options: It makes sense that you won’t need every service, but some benefits are worth considering if they will help your family feel more complete with the experience. For example, let’s say Granddad left instructions to have his body cremated and the ashes scattered. However, the family would love to have a funeral to say goodbye. In a situation like this, the family could have a funeral and then, instead of a traditional burial, have the remains cremated and scattered as desired.

Plan for Immediate or Future Needs

Work while time is on your side and make arrangements for your funerary and death care needs. You don’t need to be elderly or sick to make these plans. Who will know better what you want regarding service options, like a funeral and cremation in Glendale, AZ? Reach out to Hansen Mortuaries and Cemeteries to make these plans or for assistance with immediately needed services.

Funeral Home and Cremations FAQs

Is a Mortuary and a Funeral Home the Same Thing?

A mortuary and a funeral home are both places where people can go to plan funerals and visit the remains of their loved ones. However, there are some key differences between a funeral home and a mortuary. For one, a mortuary is typically a place where people bring their dead loved ones to be embalmed or cremated. A funeral home, on the other hand, is primarily a place where funerals are held. Funeral homes typically have chapels on site where services can be held, whereas mortuaries do not always have this amenity. However, most mortuaries have their own crematory which makes the cost of cremation significantly lower.

What Type of Funeral Service Should I Get?

If there are no pre-arrangements made prior, it is entirely up to you to choose the type of service. Services are normally held at a funeral home or a religious place of worship. There is also a huge range of different services that you can choose from traditional religious funerals or veteran military services or something a little non-traditional like the celebration of life services. The funeral directors of Hansen Mortuaries and Cemeteries would be happy to assist you to figure out the most appropriate funeral arrangement for your loved one.

What Advice Would You Give to Those Who Lost Someone and are Struggling with Grief?

If you’ve lost someone and are struggling with grief, there are some things you can do to support yourself. First, it’s important to allow yourself to grieve in whatever way feels right for you. There is no right or wrong way to grieve, so don’t feel like you have to conform to anyone else’s ideas about how you should be feeling. Secondly, it can be helpful to talk about your loss with others who have also experienced similar losses. This can provide some much-needed understanding and support. Finally, consider seeking grief support groups or professional help if your grief is proving too difficult to manage on your own.