Lesa Hagan

Funeral Director / Embalmer
Lesa was raised in Eastern Kentucky where most of her family still resides. Lesa moved to Phoenix in 2009 from Minnesota to escape the cold and embrace the beauty and the warmth of the desert. She has been a part of the funeral industry for nearly five years after being inspired by her humbling experiences with Hospice as a Private Caregiver and Licensed Massage Therapist. Lesa graduated from Mesa Community College with a degree in Mortuary Science in 2014 and later received her Funeral Director’s license in 2016. Lesa believes that helping guide grieving families through the funeral process has provided her with some of the most rewarding experiences of her life, and she feels truly blessed to be a part of that healing process. Lesa has four loves in her life. The first two are her children, who now reside in Minnesota and Sweden. The last two are her Maine Coon kitties, Mina and GiGi, who have been loving members of Lesa’s family for over ten years. When her children visit once a year they share Lesa’s enthusiastic love of hiking and travel. Lesa devotes her free time to the gym and to biking, kayaking, yoga, meditation, but most of all hiking. Lesa’s true passion is hiking and she spends most of her free time exploring the numerous mountain regions across the state of Arizona. Showing kindness and compassion to others, embracing her faith, engaging in fitness and laughing often play powerful roles in Lesa’s life.