Lesa Hagan

Funeral Director / Embalmer

Lesa was raised in Eastern Kentucky where most of her family still resides.  Lesa moved to Phoenix in 2009 from Minnesota to escape the cold and embrace the beauty and the warmth of the desert.  She started her career in the funeral industry as an intern in 2014 after graduating from Mesa Community College where she earned her degree in Mortuary Science.  She received her Funeral Director’s license in 2016 and joined the Hansen family in 2018. 

Lesa has two children, Madison and Clayton, who now reside in Sweden and Minnesota.  She has been with her partner, Mike, since 2017.  Mike and Lesa spend much of their time with his two children, Wesley and Lauren, and the family pets, Georgie and Rita.  Georgie being a sensitive little chihuahua who never wants to leave her side and Rita, being a feisty little cockatiel, who demands attention and the thrill and comfort of sitting on an obliging shoulder.

Lesa devotes most of her free time to fitness.  Her enthusiastic love of mountain biking, road biking and hiking keeps her engaged.  She spends most of her time exploring many different trails, forest roads and mountain regions, on and off trail, across the state of Arizona.

Her true passion is in helping others.  She feels helping to guide grieving families at the time of loss has provided her with some of the most rewarding experiences of her life and she feels so blessed to be in a position to have an impact on the families she serves.  Showing kindness and compassion to others, embracing her faith, spending time with her family, engaging in fitness and laughing often are the most important things in Lesa’s life.