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Scott Muggli

May 17, 1971 - Sep 06, 2020

Scott Muggli

May 17, 1971 - September 06, 2020


Scott Muggli, age 49, passed away on September 6, 2020 in Scottsdale, Arizona. He was born on May 17, 1971 to Allen and Sharon Muggli.

Scott is survived by his life partner Nicole Ryan, his parents Sharon and Allen Muggli, his brothers Mike (Julie), (Nephews: Nolan, Colin, Samuel); Mark (Bethany); Nicole's parents, Scott and Cheryl Ryan, Nicole's siblings, their spouses, and children. He is also survived by numerous aunts and uncles and many dear, long-time friends. Scott was loved by many.

Donations may be made to the American Lung Association in his name.

Scott's Final Goodbye

"If you're reading this, I am gone. I fought a hard fight against lung cancer but ultimately lost. I wanted to share a final message with my friends and family and people who have touched my life. First, thank you for being a part of my life. If we are connected on Facebook, our lives have intertwined in some meaningful way. This journey of life has been an amazing one for me. And you were a part of that journey and are a part of my story.

I want you to know I had a full life. I lived my life on my terms for almost 50 years. Not a bad run at all. I've lived, loved and laughed through most of those years. The love I've received from friends and family feels boundless. I am overwhelmed by it. I've experienced unconditional love from life-long friends and loved ones who would do anything for me. I've lived a life that gets me that. That's a good life by my measure.

I had the chance to pursue my dream. With Nicole by my side, we left our comfortable lives and took off on our grand sailing adventure. Many people talk about chasing that kind of dream. I was fortunate enough to have lived it. Even if only for short time. I took my chance and I did it. For me, that's enough for a lifetime.

Despite my occasionally surly disposition, I want you to know I loved my life. I am sad to let it go. There is so much left I wanted to do and see. So many goals and dreams left unrealized. I feel as though I had just figured life out and was just getting started. Now it is over. But as I said, what life I have lived, I have lived well. What remains to do and see I leave behind with a heart full of love received and given. For that life I've lived, I am truly thankful.

If there is anything resembling some parting wisdom I have to share, it's this: Take that chance if you are able. Start planning for that dream. It takes work to make it real. It may take years of planning. Make your dream your reason for doing what you do. Get started now. Right now. I set off on my dream with urgency. When people would ask: "Why now? Why not wait for retirement?" I would always say: 'I do this now because tomorrow isn't promised'. Prophetic words as it turns out. Take this lesson to heart my dear friends."

Go live, go love, go laugh and go now.



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