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Alisa Suzzann Tutell

Jan 03, 1976 - May 27, 2022

Alisa Suzzann Tutell

January 03, 1976 - May 27, 2022


John C. Lincoln hospital welcomed a bright shining star, Alisa Suzzann Tutell, on January 3, 1976. Alisa came into the world with a gentle and kind disposition. At only five months of age, Alisa was diagnosed as the youngest person in the United States with a deadly and illusive disorder, Reye's syndrome. At the time, nearly all children with Reye's syndrome died within hours of hospital admission. Like all other children with Reye's syndrome, Alisa's brain began to swell and her liver showed signs of damage and failure. As the medical staff fought for her life, the infamous "CODE BLUE" echoed down the halls. Alisa's death was pronounced, but overshadowed moments later when a nurse shouted, "She's alive!"
Perhaps it was the near-death experience (or just the sacred blessing of an inherent joy for life) that led Alisa to carry a predictable smile and a love for others that was palpable. She was always kind, even as a teenager! Alisa loved animals and spending time with family and friends. She loved to dress up and refused to wear anything boring.

Alisa suffered a brain injury in her early thirties and a subsequent seizure disorder. Despite having hearing loss from childhood, frequent, severe, and unpredictable seizures, and a brain injury, Alisa always kept a sense of humor and was the first to say YES to an outing or get-together. She knew life and time with loved ones were precious beyond measure.

In May 1976, we were gifted 46 more years with Alisa. At five months of age, she was admitted to John C. Lincoln hospital with neurological issues and organ failure. Ironically, also in the month of May, 46 years later, Alisa was admitted to the same hospital with neurological issues stemming from a severe seizure and her organs began to fail. As when she was five months old, every effort was made to save her physical form and the cause of the organ failure was illusive. It was almost as if Alisa's passing was written 46 years ago and God froze her departure so we could have more time with this beautiful being of light. Now, Alisa's light remains, but it is no longer bound by a body.

On May 27, 2022, the infamous "CODE BLUE" echoed, once again, down the halls of the hospital. This time, our Heavenly Father shouted, "She's alive!" You see, that day Alisa received a call with a very attractive offer. She currently has no plans to leave this new assignment, as it comes with a huge sign-on bonus -- a reunion with her other beloved family members and friends! She is now dancing with her brother, Scott, Grandma and Grandpa Tutell, Uncle George, Aunt Pat, Aunt Flo, Aunt Anne, Shawn, cousins DaNette and Justin, and numerous others.

Those of us still using our physical bodies miss our dear Alisa very, very much. Here is a brief list of those needing a hug right now: Mom, Rusty Tutell; Dad, Mike Tutell; oldest (and wisest) sister, Kym Tutell; youngest (and cutest) sister, Lynsey Tutell; favorite (and only) nephew Caleb Meyer; and favorite (and only) niece, Riley Meyer. Alisa came into this world with many other amazing family members and friends whom she deeply cherished. They could also use a hug right now.

If you have read this far, we have one request: do something kind for someone today. Send a love note, say a word of gratitude or forgive a transgression. If you do it while wearing bright colors or polka dots, Alisa would be especially happy!

Footnote: Visitation & Service June 6, 2022: Hansen Mortuary. Final Resting Place: Resthaven Park Cemetery.


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