Victoria Kocak


Victoria Kocak, 90. Loving mom, sister and grandmother passed through the veil 12/14/22. Services will be held Saturday January 7, 2023 at 11: 00 AM. Address: 3527 W Happy Valley Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85310 (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints). Victoria is survived by her daughters, Van...


Jan 7


Saturday, January 7, 2023
11:00 am

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

3527 W Happy Valley Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85310

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Victoria Kocak


H Hansen Mortuaries January 3, 2023

K Kris Thornell Daughter December 30, 2022

My Mom My Hero

Mothers have an amazing role. They have this protective instinct when it came to their children.

My mother was very extraordinary at this role. I would say my childhood was an emotional roller coaster. Trying to understand why I did not know or have a relationship with my biological father and my friction with my step father. At times I saw my mother playing the father and mother role for me. She was always there to protect me when my step father was disciplining me right in the middle standing up to make sure it stayed neutral. We had a hard time understanding each other and there was a lot of conflict. He was a good provider and later adopted me, which was quite amazing for a person to adopt another’s child.

During this time, I developed a digestive track illness and she drove me 45 miles all the way to Ogden to a homeopathic doctor that treated digestive issues at least 2-3 times a week.

That was the type of mother she was to go above and beyond. I did recover from a lot of the digestive issues as I got into my early 20’s. I was also able to have a great relationship with my dad at that time too. She was always there my protector and mother. She had strength that could move mountains but used that energy to protect and mother all of her children. She was the definition of a mother 100%. I took all the lesson she gave me for when I became a mother. To protect and mother my son. I want to thank you mom for all the intuition you gave me to protect and be a mother.

I love you dearly,


S Stephanie December 22, 2022

CandleMy Tamera, it is with our sincerest condolences for you and your family at this time. I'm praying for comfort, peace and love as well. I know all of you have abundance of wonderful memories of her.

Your Mother was very kind and wonderful to me.

Victoria is now at peace and with our heavenly father.

Love you all,
Rick and Stephanie Bourdeaux

T Tonia Roby December 22, 2022

My mom was very intuitive and nothing was impossible to her when it came to her children. I was 13 years old when she knew without a doubt something was very wrong with my back. She noticed my right shoulder blade was not lying flat. Immediately without a second thought she was on a mission to find out why. The diagnosis was not severe and could be corrected by wearing a back brace; however, the back brace may only work since it was caught early.

I will always remember this part of our life together because she taught me alot about love and determination. It might have been my first lesson of tough love as well! She was determined to have me wear that brace and it was expensive because it was custom fitted. I was doomed to wear the brace for 4 years and my mother watched over me and made sure I wore it. Because of her love for me, determination and conviction in her healing knowledge, my shoulder blade was corrected in 6 months. Whew!

I will never forget the fortitude of my proud mother and how it emanated a room. I will have her with me forever because I love her very deeply.

Tonia Roby Victoria's daughter (second borne)

T Tamara Archuletta December 21, 2022

I will forever miss my mom, my friend, confidant and teacher. I remember growing up with her always being there when you needed her, a hug, laugh, talk or a good cry. She told me she always wanted to be a mom and wanted 5 children. And she did just that. All of us would lay on her bed waiting our turn for her to tickle our backs. We would talk and laugh over anything or everything. When we fought, she’d make us come together and apologize to each other. Her teachings were wide range and some included manners, respect for others and to be kind. We learned independence at an early age of 6 by having rules and of course doing housework together every Saturday with our own list of tasks to complete.

One time while driving, we saw a dog get hit by a car and they just left the pup there. I said, “Mom we have to help the injured pup”! She didn’t hesitate and pulled over and we took him to a vet and made sure he was ok. She knew my deep love of animals and embraced us for who we were as individuals. It was her special gift as a mother.

I always had friends from other countries and she would invite them for Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners. She knew they had no family in the states and didn’t want them to be alone for the holidays. They loved her warmth and kindness.

When I moved to California, she later moved there too. We would spend time together going to the beach staring out at the ocean, shopping, going out to eat or just hanging out at each other’s houses. She would teach me about holistic and healing practices and much more. She was a lot of fun and she just made you feel warm and safe inside being near her.

If you had an ache or pain, she’d work on it until it was gone or felt better. We used to tell her she had “magic healing hands”. Healing and helping people were a big part of who she was. She did a lot of healing through the years.

There is so much more to our story. This is just a glimpse of how special she was.
I love you mom and will hold you in my heart until we meet again.

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